Veil of Disguise

Book_004In Carlsbad, California, Cora Andrews is getting ready to attend an award ceremony honoring her husband, Dr. Cole Andrews, when she receives a telephone call that rocks her world.

“Mrs. Andrews,” the caller said. “We have your husband. If you ever want to see him again, be in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan, at ten o’clock next Monday morning.”

Her mind reeling, Cora attends the ceremony on her husband’s behalf, telling everyone that her husband has suddenly taken ill. Cole’s kidnappers have a man placed at the event, watching her every move to make sure she doesn’t tell anyone of Cole’s abduction.

Cora and Cole Andrews are not strangers to Pakistan. Cora had worked in Karachi for six years when she and Cole met there more than thirty-five years ago. When she first arrived, Cora took intensive classes in both Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, and Punjabi.

On their first day working together, Cora overheard a Punjabi conversation between two men plotting to bomb the family compound of a political dynasty. Very quickly she learned that Cole Andrews had connections in the mysterious world of espionage. Cora was able to identify the would-be bombers, and watched as they were arrested.

Now in a flash of clarity, Cora wonders if her husband’s kidnapping might somehow be connected.

With the aid of two trusted friends who contact an intelligence officer, Cora’s plan unfolds as she masquerades as a traditional Pakistani Muslim woman, the supposed ‘wife’ of an agent named Wahlid.

Travel with Cora as she is transported back in time to the fateful day when she uncovered the plot to annihilate an entire political family. Then follow her as she races against the clock in a frantic search for her husband. Watch her grasp for a possible connection between the planned bombing all those years ago and the kidnapping of her husband, Cole, now.

See her retrieve messages left by Cole’s kidnappers in many places, including a morgue.

With the help of Wahlid, watch as Cora attempts to rescue Cole. Just when it looks like her ordeal is over, watch as she is ambushed at gunpoint and taken to a lonely stretch of beach on the Arabian Sea.  With a sinking heart, she watches a man dig her grave.

Will Cora find a means of escape? Will she make it out alive? Will Cole survive the terrible kidnapping?

Travel back in time and into two very different cultures as Cole and Cora’s story unfolds.


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